About Bennie


Tree of Life Consulting is committed to helping you navigate the Colorado State system for licensure.  TLC is an expert in the Office of Behavioral Health  (OBH) directed by Bennie Lombard, who has the ability to assist your transition to the next level.  Mr. Lombard skills have been developed over 30 plus years with the following activity: 

  • Received his Master of Arts degree from Colorado University in Boulder

  • Registered as a Certified Addictions Counselor (CAC) III 

  • Was in education for thirteen (13) years as a school teacher and Assistant Principal 

  • Addictions counselor at Arapahoe House, Inc. and developed the School-Based programs

  • Managed the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) programs for the Division of Youth Corrections

  • Manager of the Offender Substance Use Disorder Programs for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) and the Office of Behavioral Health (OBH)

  • Oversaw compliance with Federal and State regulations with providers

  • Responsible for development and interpretation of Federal regulations and development and incorporating these into OBH Rule

  • Developed working relationships with all state Criminal Justice Departments including State Judicial, Department of Corrections (DOC), Department of Public Safety, Division of Community Corrections

  • Appointed to the Colorado Problem Solving Court (PSC) Advisory Committee; and participated in planning the Colorado Collaborative Justice Conference up until 2017

  • Managed the Short Term Intensive Residential Remediation Treatment (STIRRT) program which consisted of residential SUD treatment followed by up to one (1) year of continuing care services.

  • Managed the Strategies for Self-Improvement & Change (SSC) offender specific curriculum and trained over 500 clinicians throughout the state.


Our Expertise


Bennie Lombard worked for the Office of Behavioral Health for over 30 years ensuring provider compliance with state standards and quality service provision.
As an expert in Colorado Behavioral Health programming, TLC has the expertise in offering consulting services to help you navigate the State system.  TLC wants to help your agency transition to the next level. Whether you're looking for compliance assistance, navigational help, or general SUD treatment consultation, TLC can assist you!

Our Commitment


As part of TLC's consultation a quality assurance plan will be developed. If this plan is followed, it is TLC's commitment that compliance with OBH Rule will be attained.

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